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Welcome to Carey's Bunny Barn!
Quality Holland Lops in San Diego, California.

Two -Time Record Breaking HLRSC Youth Herdsman of the Year!
*Licensed ARBA Rabbit Registrar*


(L) Myself with Carey's GTO (Fall '09) (R) Myself with GC Carey's Troy (29 GC legs) :)

HI! My name is Carey Harper and I live in North San Diego County in Southern California. I am a highly dedicated breeder of quality Holland Lops since early 1999, and headed to my first show in November 2001. Home to some of the nation's top bloodlines. I breed exclusively for extremely "typey", very competitive Holland Lops in the beautiful classic tort and broken tort, as well as some of the more rare colors such as; blue, cream, blue tort, chestnut, black, sable point, chinchilla, orange, opal and brokens.

I utilize several top bloodlines in my herd. I would like to sincerely thank the following people for the bunnies they have sold me, their advice and their encouragement; Dan & Sarah Pitney, Rachel & Tim Roehe and Jean Gibbons. I look up to all of you! I also wish to thank a few others who have been very kind to me and for helping me with my questions as well as my bunny buds for just being great friends!

I have come a very long way in the past couple of years and feel very fortunate for my accomplishments in a short amount of time. Competition is keen on the west coast, with so many nice Hollands hopping about! One of my proudest moments is winning Best of Breed at the 2003 HLRSC National's Day After Show, with Carey's Dazzle. This was also my first National show. I also feel very proud of several Best in Show and Best Reserve in Show wins. Most with Homebred bunnies. I am also VERY proud of winning NUMBER 1 Youth HLRSC Herdsman of the year for 2003-2004 and once again 2004-2005!

I spend several hours with my bunnies every day and night, so they receive lots of attention. Constant handling and giving kisses is just part of our routine :) My bunnies are dearly loved and every bunny is a "favorite", no matter the quality!

I would now like to thank my parents. They have been wonderful support in helping me get my bunnies and taking me to the shows! And were willing to give up one of their barns to house my rabbits and a few stalls in the other barn as well! Thanks so much, I love you both!!! I would also like to thank my three grandparents, my uncle, and my sister for all of their help, love and endless support of my bunny hobby. I am blessed.

Please take your time and browse my website. Be sure to check out the "What's New" page for regular updates and rabbitry news! If you have any questions regarding my website, my bunnies or bunny questions in general please feel free to contact me. Thank you and I hope you enjoy!

Carey's Bunny Barn
ARBA Registered Rabbitry & ARBA Licensed Rabbit Registrar
Proud Member of: ARBA, HLRSC & CHLC.


Finished 2005-2006 HLRSC Youth & Open Standings
#2 National Sweepstakes Points (Youth)
#1 Zone 2 Sweepstakes & Quality Point (Youth)
#3 National Quality Points (Youth)
#2 National Herdsman (Youth)
#4 Youth Top Lop (Carey's Troy)
#57 National Sweepstakes Points (Open)

Finished 2004-2005 HLRSC Youth Standings
#1 Herdsman! (25 points!!)
#2 National Quality Points (98 points!)
#3 National Sweepstakes Points
#1 Zone 2 Quality Points
#1 Zone 2 Sweepstakes
5 buns on the Top Lop list!

Finished 2003-2004 HLRSC Youth Standings
#1 Herdsman! (23 points!!)
#1 Zone 2 Sweepstakes!
#1 Zone 2 Quality Points!
#3 National Quality Points and Sweepstakes!
4 buns on the Top Lop list!


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Carey's Dazzle
6/21/03 ~ Riverside County 4-H SAA
Triple Best Of Breed
Triple Best in Show!
Best of Breed 2003 Holland Lop Nationals on Sunday



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