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Sorry, I am NO longer raising Holland Lops, if you are interested in a RESCUE bunny, have questions or would like a referral in So Cal, feel free to contact me.

Please Note- regardless of where you go, do not buy bunnies that are under 10-12 weeks old. Over 20+ years with rabbits, common sense and lots of experience has told us time and time again the chances of better survivability with young rabbits is over this age frame and early weaning(under 6 wks) is detrimental to their well being. I highly discourage pet store purchases. Hollands are a fragile breed and I highly recommend they are not kept outdoors, but I also do not recommend or advocate the housing of pet rabbits outdoors in general. They are high risk prey and at great risk to the elements. I've probably heard every horror story imaginable over the years. Remember, a rabbit is a 6-10 year commitment. They need protection from the heat and cold, good ventilation, fresh food/hay/water daily, attention, large enclosure and daily exercise.

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