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Fertile Chicken Eggs

Breed Choice # 1. * * Bantam Cochin Fertile Eggs:

Bantam Cochins are adorable, docile, small, fluffy chickens that lay a small/medium cream egg. Variety of colors. This breed tends to make great pets, lots of happy customers! I LOVE them! :) Our show birds will have eggs available in near future. I have 2 pen choices presently;

BC Pen #1 is very mixed at the moment, haven't split colors up for the season, lots of blacks, partridge and lavender/splash.

BC Pen #2 is greatly Mille Fleur. ** Frizzle Rooster in pen; chance for Frizzle mille eggs.**

* * Breed Choice #2:
Silkies- Paint rooster covering paint hens & a black hen.

* * Breed Choice #3:
Cream Crested Legbars, blue eggs, great layers.

* * Breed Choice #4:
Tolbunt Polish ~ standard size. Limited Availability.

$3 each egg, 6 for $15, Dozen /$28, 2 Dozen / $48
POLISH eggs:
$5 each egg, 6 for $28, Dozen $55

Please give at least 2 to 4 days notice. Venmo @Carey-Harper-3

** Shipping available within CA. **

Fresh Eggs For eating, also! We also sell chicks from these breeds!

PICK-UP will be from H&H Feed in Valley Center 92082, when we have the eggs ready for you.

NOTE: These eggs have not yet started to develop. Once you have put them in your incubator, or under your broody hen, then you may count the days. Hatching occurs at day 19 to 21. I typically first candle eggs at close to 7 days and throw out the non-developing eggs at that time.

PLEASE DO ALL OF YOUR RESEARCH REGARDING INCUBATION AND HATCHING! As well as the research of raising chicks once they've hatched, if you have not done this before. If you're using an incubator, always place a 2nd hygrometer within the unit to also track humidity and temperature... Occasionally the one on the incubator may read incorrectly so it can be interesting to watch. is a GREAT resource for chicken care, brooder ideas, coop ideas and information.

--> Supplies Available!! <--
Little Giant and GQF Incubators.
King Feed (regular & Non GMO), Bar Ale, Extreme, Modesto Milling Organic, Manna Pro, Kruse, Scratch & Peck Organic, Seed Factory, Little Farmer.
Sav A Chick Probiotics & Electrolytes.
Grit & Oyster Shell.
Large Selection of Little Giant, Double Tuf & Harris Farms/Free Range, Rugged Ranch Feeders & Waterers.
Chicken Coops & Tractors.
Pine Shavings
Nest Boxes

I usually custom ready eggs for clients and place them at our store for pick up during store hours, with advance notice and confirmation;
H&H Feed
31011 Valley Center Rd
Valley Center, CA 92082

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