Rabbit Sitting


Going on vacation? Need to travel or be away for a period of time or just a couple days?

I will provide rabbit sitting within MY home, located in Valley Center, CA.

MANY, many years of experience with rabbits, be it a pet or show bunny.

I am compassionate, and truly love bunnies. They will receive the best care possible.


I provide:

Temperature controlled environment, kept away from other animals.

Complete, personalized care, feeding, cleaning.

Turning out to play in a safe environment, if you wish.


You provide:

Your rabbit's cage, food, treats, toys, dishes, litterbox, bedding, etc.

Written care instructions.

You must provide your veterinarian's information incase of emergency or agree to us using our rabbit savvy vet, ABC Vet Hospital, 330 Rancheros Dr #102, San Marcos, CA 92069

You must sign a release and agreement upon drop-off.

I charge $7 per day, per cage. (Cash preferred)


For any additional information, please contact Carey :-)


Cell: 760.703.6802


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