For Sale:

I raise Holland Lop bunnies Exclusively!
I am located in North San Diego, CA, USA

PLEASE read and consider ALL of the information below before contacting me regarding purchasing bunnies for pet, breeding or show.  I just heavily updated this page with new information!!

Pet Bunny Information: 

I usually have wonderful, quality pets available to very good homes, where they are safe from the elements and any predators (Very Important!).  Any babies that will be for sale, are
not available any sooner than a minimum of 12 to 16 weeks (for health, weaning and evaluation purposes).  This also absolutely, positively, does NOT hinder the "bonding process" between you and your rabbit (3 months old or 6 years old, bunnies will bond with you at any age).  I also have a few retirees (retired from breeding or show, but it certainly doesn't mean they are "old"!) that are also available and are looking for good homes.

Also a thought on what age to purchase... when buying a young rabbit you do not know what kind of temperment you will end up with, even a sweet friendly baby could end up a grumpy, unfriendly adult.  Buying a little more mature rabbit just might be your best bet, for a happy relationship.  We also feel that a more mature animal will be more affectionate than a baby, as most babies will just want to explore and not be held.  Young rabbits are also more difficult to litter box train than an adult.  Any of our clients that have taken adults have been so happy!
Now, if you think an adult bunny won't be as cute or playful, I'd beg to differ!  Come watch some bunnies play in their play pens :)

Please Remember, bunnies are a lifetime commitment for the lifespan of the bunny, which is usually 6-10 years or longer.
Prices for pets are usually around $50 each.
I do not list available pets on my for sale page.

Included with each sale:

Unlimited Lifetime After-Sale Support (something you cannot get from a pet store, that's for sure!)
5 pounds of their feed (Templeton/King Brand blend rabbit pellets)
A bag of their hay (3 Way Grain or Oat Hay)
1 pound of our special whole-grain supplement feed mix

Our 10 page Holland Lop Care Guide
You can purchase ALL of their feed items from us afterwards as well, and we prefer that you do in order to keep them on the diet they were raised on, are used to and do well on.  Changing the diet and/or the actual BRAND of pellets, can cause severe upset to a delicate Holland Lop's system or worse, death.

If contemplating acquiring a pet bunny from me, please call me for a quick (or extended if you wish) phone interview...This way I can better determine which bunny might fit into your household best!  Thank-you!  You can reach me at 760.703.6802 or 760.749.6500.

Other Information:

All bunnies are available to approved, excellent homes only!  As a responsible breeder and one that has great respect for rabbits and their well-being, I do not sell my rabbits to pet/feed stores or to anyone who sells their rabbits to pet/feed stores.  I also do not sell breeding stock to "casual" or "back-yard" breeders.  I want to know that the breeder I am selling to is dedicated to raising Holland Lops to the Standard, for show purposes only.  Thank-you for respecting my decision, and I sincerely hope others will follow.


Sales Policy:

Rabbits are sold on a first good home come, first good home served basis.

Rabbits can be held for a
50% non-refundable down payment for up to 14 days.  Full payment is required for holding animals for an extended amount of time (amount of time to be agreed upon between buyer and seller) and extra charges may be added for boarding.  The Buyer is completely responsible to arrange safe transport for their purchased animals within a timely manner.  I do prefer that the actual buyer sees the rabbit(s) before purchase.  I regularly attend shows in Southern CA, Arizona and occasionally in Northern CA and can deliver rabbits to shows that I am attending.

Due to the fact that these ARE living and breathing animals, I reserve the choice to terminate ANY sale, at ANY time, for ANY reason before the said animals have been FULLY paid for (meaning check cashed, cash in hand, etc.) AND picked up.
Rabbits must be FULLY paid for before leaving our hands.

Acceptable Payment Methods:
Cashier's Check
Money Order
Visa and Mastercard
No personal checks
No Paypal (at this time)

Sorry, but I do not offer 4-H, FFA or Grange discounts.


Shipping is available on a case-by-case basis, weather permitting.  I have had a lot of requests to ship, but I prefer people see the rabbit(s) in person before purchasing.  I do have a 3 rabbit or $300 minimum purchase (total cost of rabbits before any other expenses) before I will ship.  You are responsible for ALL costs incured, including, but not limited to;  shipping cost itself, shipping carrier, cage cups, gas for trip to airport, health certificates, etc.  We would ship from San Diego, CA, Lindbergh Field "SAN".  There are various airlines that ship from SAN, including Frontier, who has a great deal on shipping currently.  We will always shop for the least expensive vetting, shipping, and use our Explorer instead of our dually for trips to the airport :), etc.

Waiting List:

I no longer offer a regular waiting list.  It became too extensive.  I do offer a waiting list for Holland Lop Nationals & ARBA Convention providing I will be able to attend those shows.  I encourage you to contact me from time to time to see what is currently available, if nothing is listed on this page.


Next Show:

please visit my upcoming shows page for a tenative show schedule!


Current Sales List:

Several bunnies currently available! 

contact me for more information.

S U P P L I E S !

We carry:

Templeton Feed (Limited Supply)
King Brand Rabbit Feed
Hand-mixed whole-grain conditioning supplement mix
3-Way Grain Hay
Bermuda Grass Hay
Orchard Grass Hay
Timothy Hay
Oat Hay
Alfalfa Hay
Hanging Hay Baskets
Pet Cages, including the "Libby Cage" (very nice house rabbit cage!!)
AllerSafe Shampoo (for people and pets!)
COMING SOON!  Pet Houses for inside your pets cage (makes bunnies feel much more secure and gives them a natural place to sleep)!
NEW!  Resting Mats, black hard plastic... easy to clean!
NEW!  EZ Crock products!  5, 10 & 20 ounce sized hard plastic crocks that securely attach to the side of the cage... great for bunnies who like to dump or scratch out their feed!

CAN be delivered to any AZ or CA shows that we are attending!  We can also MEET UP with people in various locations, some locations including Escondido and San Marcos.
Please contact me for more information.
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